Creative Decompression Toy Fidget Cube

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This little fidget toy gadget is meant to relieve stress, remain focused, and relieve anxiety.  It comes in all sorts of colors and designs. Each side of the fidget cube has a different pattern on each side which allows you to play with it.
Side one is a compressed oval imprint: The design on this face of the toy was inspired by traditional traditional worry stones, which when rubbed, helped to relieve anxiety.
The 2nd side a small ball which allows you to spin and roll it around.
On the 3rd side looks like a switch. You can either click it slowly back and forth, or if you just feel ansy move it quickly to take your mind off your worries.
Side four allows you to glide the gadget just like a joystick and maneuver it various positions just like playing a video game.
There is one side that has five small buttons, side five! Three of the buttons click and the other two are silent, fulfilling that need to hear and click while pushing a button. 
Lastly, side six, and probably one of the busiest sides. It has two effects. One is a metal ball which allows you to spin it as well as click on it. The other effect are gears which move in a rolling motion.
Hours of play and varying different ways to redirect your attention will cure that individual from constantly fidgeting.